Abby's Lane-Away


-Program may be altered or cancelled at any time-

How it works: 

-Place one order that totals at least $150 before Virginia tax, and after all applicable discounts

-Select “Abby’s Lane-Away” at checkout

-Our team will be in touch for your first payment of 25% within 24 hours of placing the order.

Payment schedule:

Payment #1 within 48 hours of placing the order, 25% due

Payment #2 on day 20 after placing the order, 25% due

Payment #3 on day 40 after placing the order, 25% due

Payment #4 on day 60 after placing the order, 25% due


-Payment reminders will be sent via email 48 hours prior to payment due date.

A grace period of 24 hours is given for the payment date.

Once payment is completed, your order will ship within 1-2 business days.


Fine print:

Reward points will be issued as payments are made for those payments. Special point promotions do not apply to layaway payments. This includes but is not limited to double points, 1.5 points, etc.

Customer may only place one layaway order at a time, once it is paid off, another one may start

Payments and original orders are not entered into special daily promotions.

Missed payments will result in the automatic cancellation of the order.

If the layaway is cancelled, any other payments will be refunded, the first payment of 25% is non-refundable and considered the cancellation fee.

Missed payments/canceled orders will result in exclusion from any future layaway orders.

Partial shipments do not apply, order must be paid in full before any items ship.

Order modifications and changes may not be made. The entire order must be canceled and replaced, and the cancellation fee of 25% applies.


-          Exclusive stockings

-          Black Friday promotional period dates, TBA

-          Other exclusions as noted on our website

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