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Chatties, fans, our wonderful community here at Abby's Lane,

It is with bittersweet sadness that I am writing this post. Abby's Lane will be closing its e-commerce doors on December 30th of 2018. Due to several personal and professional obstacles, my hope and plans for a store move to a new location has changed direction into a final clearance sale.

For those who need a brief read, some important dates
11/30: Last date of extra daily point and code promotions
12/4: Last date rewards can be earned
12/15: Last date rewards can be redeemed
12/30: Last date orders can be placed

Orders will ship as quickly as we can fulfill them, please allow extra time due to volume. We cannot make exceptions to the above dates, so please have them noted.

After giving birth to my oldest in 2003, the "Abby" behind Abby's Lane, I decided to take a chance on a little hobby of mine, and began a journey full of hurdles and hills, but also with so many beautiful moments along the way. Milestones, memories, and the ever-changing dynamic of "Know When...."

Know when to hire a family member to help
Know when to hire a few more
Know when to expand into a new space
Know when to hire moms who can bring their children to work with them
Know when to step back when it became overwhelming
Know when to take a breath and see where this needs to grow
Know when to move back into a space with even more employees
Know when to expand employment to contractors who can work from home
And finally
Know when to see that your dream has hit obstacles you cannot overcome, and it is time to say goodbye.

Over 15 years, Abby's Lane gave employment to dozens of mothers who brought their children to work with them, all ages, every day. It gave money and goods to charities of all sizes, as well as visibility and awareness to some that were just starting out. It created domestic jobs with our exclusives, in an industry where textile production is struggling to stay alive. It invented new products, with design concepts and practical uses that have been embraced and sold by many vendors. It released products with artwork that brought awareness in ways juvenile products hadn't quite reached yet, and started vital dialogues about issues confronting young and growing families. It gave rise to an amazing community, while not mistake-free, but always trying to make connections and build bridges across social media. Real friends were made, real issues were discussed, real support was present and real changes occurred.

I would have never guessed that an online retail store could do what Abby's Lane has done, and I am humbled to have been a witness to all of it. Your stories have changed my life and my journey through and through, and I hope that you carry your resilience and compassion with you into your other spaces in this industry.

Our customer service is still active and open, and will remain so into early January, and my inbox open as long as needed. When we change our domains, I will offer a new email for anything of follow up. 
I would advise any receipts in your account be screenshot for your records, as I cannot guarantee how long we will keep our website active on the admin side. Your products purchased still carry the same warranties as they always did, Smart Bottoms and other brand exclusives will still be under warranty as well for their normal duration.
Regarding our community pages:
- Chatties will remain open through at least January. I will make a decision at that time if it is necessary to stay open.
- Fit Pals is going to remain open and be run by our beautiful Naomi, our lead admin. She very graciously has volunteered to keep that supportive wellness page open for the members there.
- Phil, Steph and All The Rest will also remain open, and run by myself, Susan and Rachael as volunteers. I am grateful for their continued service on their own time, we value those exchanges very much and I am beyond emotion that it will remain open.
- The Abby's Lane Book Club has a very special announcement coming next week. If you love exclusives, beautiful products, charitable awareness causes and of course, books, the changes coming are very exciting and I want all of our fans to be a part of the new chapter coming for it.

With gratitude to all of our fans, employees, supporters and customers, thank you for a beautiful 15 years~

Abby's Lane has a new way to automatically cash in your rewards dollars! Please read below for the new system :)

Every dollar spent now counts towards 11% in store credit, able to be cashed in for the following tiers (starting at 45 dollars). What this means is:

$45 = a $5 voucher

$90 = a $10 voucher

$180 = a $20 voucher

$315 = a $35 voucher

$450 = a $50 voucher

How it works:

-Please note, and this is important, this program is not a refund based program. The tiers must be met first, then you may cash in for a voucher. You cannot spend $125.00 and then ask for $10.00 to be refunded from your Dollars program. Additionally, if you have redeemed your points for a voucher code but do not use it on your order, we cannot apply it "after the fact" as a refund.


-You MUST have an active account from which all orders have been entered. If you do not sign into your account to shop, your rewards points will not be counted.

-Click on "My Account" on the upper right hand corner of the homepage

-Under "My Rewards" Click "Redeem"

-You will see the three options to choose from, with the total points needed for each amount. You do not have to use all your points, they DO carry over if not used.

-Click "redeem" under the amount you wish to select. If you do not have enough points to select that option, you will not be able to proceed.

-If you do have enough points, you may cash out for that voucher.

-You will automatically have that gift voucher added to "My Account".

-When you wish to use that gift voucher, click under "My Account"

-You will see "Gift Certificates" towards the very bottom of your options listed

-Click on "View Details" You will see a code beginning with "GC..." followed by numbers/letters

-Copy/paste that voucher, and use it in the "apply coupon" box at checkout :) It is that easy! When you click to your checkout screen, you will see the amount deducted from your order total.

-Points are based on product totals spent. Insurance, sales tax and shipping fees do not count, and if any gift voucher or store credit is used to pay for an order, it will not count towards the total. The point system is actual dollars spent. Any discount codes or coupons that affect the total spent will not count as points.

-Any refunds will be deducted from point totals. If a refund points your points in the negative, customer may have the option to choose store credit for that balance, or have that value deducted from the refund.

-Exchanges will not count as new points, if the item exchanged is for a lesser price, the difference will be deducted from the point totals.

-Points cannot be transferred, and are only issued in the account of the buyer. No exceptions.  

-Gift certificate purchases are excluded in point totals 

-Points do not have cash value, and store credit may not be "cashed out" if not used.

-Program may be canceled or changed at any time, reward certificates do not have cash value

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