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Hello! Welcome to Abby's Lane, a unique boutique offering products to make your parenting experience enjoyable and a little closer to nature. I am Stephanie, owner and founder of Abby's Lane, which opened in September of 2004, we are currently located in Northern Virginia. Abby's Lane has operated in several locations, including a store front in Old Town Manassas for a few years, and is now operating back as an online boutique with a commercial warehouse in Manassas, VA. By supporting Abby's Lane, you support a team of 9 women who are able to work flexible schedules and bring their children to work with them.

The products I carry at Abby's Lane are carefully chosen to make your parenting an easy and enjoyable one.

Stephanie Daniel

Meet Our Team!

Stephanie Daniel is the proud owner of Abby's Lane.  She is a mom of 7 children whose ages range from toddlers to teens.  She is a passionate advocate for maternal mental health and welcoming all families to natural parenting.  You can follow her speaking engagements on her Facebook page:  Stephanie Daniel and connect with Steph, the whole team and the legendary Abby's Lane fans in the Facebook group Abby's Chatties.


Rachael Dailey has been a manager at Abby's Lane for the past 2 years and specializes in customer service.  If you've ever had a problem with an order, chances are that Rachael is the one who fixed it!  She originally hails from Ohio but as an Air Force Wife, has called many places home over the years.  She has three children, lots of animals and way more patience than pretty much anyone at Abby's Lane. Rachael is a Certified Passenger Safety Technician, if you have any car seat questions you can email her directly at rachael@abbyslane.com

Nicole Zezzo has been working at Abby's Lane since 2011 when she agreed to "a couple of hours a week" to help Steph out.  Many, many hours later, she is still around and manages vendor relations, content creation and the traveling circus that is Abby's Lane on the road.  Nicole is a Washington DC area native and lives in Manassas with her husband, three children and a much-adored bearded dragon.  She loves British history, travel, gardening and listening to podcasts while she plays Candy Crush.  You can read her writing on the Abby's Lane blog and see her as a speaker at several Mommycon events around the US.

Warehouse Staff

An Abby's Lane employee for 6 years, Steph works in the warehouse getting orders out (usually with a kid in her lap or on her back).  She and her husband of 9 years are parents to three fantastic kids.  She finds enjoyment with wine, triple naps and stamps.  Once a city planner, she now enjoys learning the history behind the town names of the packages she labels.

Leah Halisky is like a rash . . . she keeps coming back.  After a short sabbatical, we are happy to have Leah back in our warehouse where she is excellent at processing orders quickly, yelling at kids to KNOCK IT OFF WITH THE ROLLING CHAIRS and making her coworkers laugh.  She's not so good at remembering Re-Play colors.  Leah loves gluten-free snack food, listening to the same weepy song over and over again and getting free makeovers at the make-up counter.  She's the mom of 4 and our resident natural remedy expert.  If anyone or anything in your house is having tummy troubles, Leah is your gal.

Tyra Nuar is a hotmess southern Momma of five! If not running, cooking, or chasing a toddler while trying to conquer mount laundrymore, can find her geeking out in excel, trying to convince Stephanie to make a deer damask anything while fighting the urge not to buy another carrier, bag, blanket or anything else in the store. She is passionate about baby wearing, cloth diapering and college football. Go Clemson! Faith, Family and friends is a motto she lives by.  She has been a member of the amazing AL team for five years and it has been way to much fun to call it work. 

Deena Jones enjoys her time at Abby's Lane warehouse where she picks and sends off your purchases.  Her favorite part of the job is reading the order comments where the customers often share moments of their day.  It's a welcome reminder that the items leave our warehouse and become something that makes the lives of real families a little bit easier or comfortable (Saranoni, I'm looking at you!)  At home she lives a busy, full, stressful, beautiful life with her husband, two daughters and two puppies.  She dislikes warm white wine, rain that lasts more than 2 days and sitting on prickly grass.  She loves podcasts, GIF's and Kelly Clarkson on The Voice.

Erin Hawk is wife and mama to 3 kiddos.  She did not cloth diaper (although she tried for a hot minute) BUT she does love baby wearing.  Pretty sure she couldn't raise 3 kids if she didn't ???!!  She works a couple of shifts at Abby's Lane, does photography on the side and nanny a couple of kids a few times a week -- cause she's crazy like that.  She loves her family, being outside, babies, sarcasm and a tall glass of wine.

LaTia Wilson Barrett is one half of a two-mom family. She and her wife have a 3 year old daughter who keeps them on their toes (in the most adorable way). LaTia has been with Abby’s Lane for just about 2 years, and primarily works in the warehouse and creates content for our chatter group. A classically-trained singer, it is not completely unheard of for LaTia to break out into song while working.

Emily Johnson is a mom of three with one on the way. Her cloth diaper journey started after (many) nudges from a friend which led to her taking on teaching the Cloth 101 class at Abby’s Lane and later starting a Babywearing 101 class. She likes long walks down the aisle at Target, microwaving coffee at least three times, and hiding in the bathroom with chocolate and a good book.

Online Help

Susan Lang Messing grew up in North Carolina and moved to Northern Virginia after serving in the Navy.  She has a 7 year old daughter and a 5 year old son.  After being an Abby's Lane customer for several years, Susan started helping with the Abby's Lane chat page in 2015.  She is an expert in wet bag uses and pool-fence-high-jump-karate.  She encourages you to support the Nats and donate forever.

Julie Clark is a work-at-home-mom to three amazing kids and the wife of a fireman.  She's been involved in the natural parenting and cloth diaper industry since she began cloth diapering her identical twin sons in 2007.  She's a multi-tasking mama who helps Abby's Lane with everything from newsletters and graphics to social media and giveaways.

Amanda Carney is a twenty-something mom of three and expecting a new little one in the fall. She is born, raised, and currently living in Columbus, Ohio. She works from home as a social media chick/blogger and also pretends to play the part of "housewife." Usually you'll find her wandering down every aisle at Target or at Starbucks grabbing a coffee. Her motto is "Coffee till Cocktails," which I think describes #MomLife perfectly! Amanda helps moderate our busiest Facebook group, Abby's Chatties and you can find her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as MomLifeWithAmanda.

Old school JT is a vital part of the Abby's Lane online community.  He helps keep our calendar and is responsible for occasionally invading other fan groups.  If you've ever been sitting around at the end of April, wondering what time of the year it was, chances are old school JT is the one who helped you.

Content Creators

Ambyr Amen-Ra is a mother, wife, dancer, cloth diaper fanatic and loss mama crusader with a penchant for buying a lot of too many things she doesn't necessarily need.  You can find her at Mommycon events across the country, educating at the Cloth Diaper Resource Center and helping mothers grieve at the loss mama sanctuary.  

Shelby is an avid Chatties fan. She is a Mom to 3 rambunctious boys ages 1, 7 and 9 and a bonus daughter who is 19. She works as a full time Accountant while still rocking the Mom gig. When she’s not working, momming, coaching soccer, playing soccer, or watching her kids play soccer (she only kinda likes soccer) she’s online ready and willing to help Chatties in any way she can.  Shelby is the creator of "Diaper Science with Shelby" where she uses graphics to compare and contrast different diaper brands and styles.

Bryttany Hyde calls herself a wife, mother of two, and a hustler. “I like to keep it real instead of worrying about what everyone else thinks all the time. Plus, what are you going to do to achieve your dreams? Hustle or Hyde?” Together with her family she is sharing their reality to inspire others to live their parenting style out loud.  When not blogging at hustleorhyde.com you can find Bryttany on social media: Facebook Instagram Parenting Group: The Hydeaway Community.

Megan Krecsmar lives in northern Indiana with her husband and 7 kids.  She is a content creator for Abby's Lane and does ridiculous reviews of her favorite products during our "Megan's Musings" biweekly series.  She enjoys photoshopping pictures, having fun with puns and parodying songs.  She is the proud owner of every single manatee meme ever (seriously, every.single.one, she's seen them all) and has traveled the world (well, the natural parenting world) as Megan-on-stick.

Jessie Owens is a a wife and mama to two awesome kids:  Kaleb age 7 and Everest age 2!  She is also a photographer here at Abby's Lane and loves capturing all the amazing exclusive products!

Naomi Schey is a thirty-something mama of two girls, ages 3.5 and 5, who lives with her husband in Northern California. She graduated from UMASS Lowell with a bachelors degree in Health Education (minoring in Gender Studies), and after a year teaching in a Special Education preschool, she decided to take some time to travel. Shortly after moving to South Carolina, she met her husband, who was stationed there in the Navy, and the rest is history! In her spare time she enjoys True Crime novels, exploring outside with her family, living room Karaoke, Sephora splurges, healthy cooking and wine. 



Kristen is a wife and mom to two young kiddos and professionally a registered nurse in women's health. Passionate about natural parenting, especially baby wearing, when her oldest was diagnosed with an immune deficiency, she turned to baby wearing for convenience and comfort. She has developed a desire to help other families utilize baby wearing when facing medical issues. 

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