Bamboobies Nursing Pads

Bamboobies Nursing Pads

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Bamboobies come in 2 styles, regular and overnight


bamboobies® are made of ultra-soft and soothing bamboo rayon velour, an absorbent inner layer with an outer milk-proof™ liner to help prevent embarrassing leaks! These nursing pads are super absorbent and eco-friendly.

The round-shaped overnight nursing pads are not only ultra-soft, but larger, thicker and super absorbent for heavy leaking and newborn nursing.


Regular Bamboobies are lined with organic bamboo velour to soothe tender nursing nipples on the inside and have a waterproof outer layer to protect your clothes. They're heart-shaped to cup your breast better than a circular pad - no creases means no lines.  Bamboobies have a hemp and organic cotton inner layer to absorb light leaks.

Every nursing mother deserves a simple luxury like Bamboobies!

Bamboobies have been called the 'maserati of nursing pads' - the ultimate in luxury and softness.  Green packaging, fair-wage sewing in Colorado, and sustainable fabrics make Bamboobies the smart + eco choice for new mothers.

-2 pack of Regular pads, available in pale pink 

-6 pack of regular pads

-2 pack of overnight pads, natural/baby blue color

-4 pack of overnight pads, natural/baby blue color

-Multi bag of 3 pairs of regular pads, and  overnight pair
You may choose from the pale pink regular pads and one natural/baby blue overnight
3 multi color regular pads (pale pink, hot pink and black), and one natural/baby blue overnight



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