Clip Clop Challenge

Join us on Saturday, July 14th, at 5 pm Eastern time LIVE on our FACEBOOK page for the event!

Have you ever watched 4 grown women tie children's plastic play horse-hooves to their feet, have a few adult beverages and then race each other on a high school track?


A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity awaits, as 4 of the best Abby's Lane has to offer will be doing JUST THAT on 7/14. Even better, you get to BET on us, and if your mom/horse selection wins, you get some prizes that are pretty darn amazing.  Make sure you tune in live on 7/14 for the main event and witness first hand as we kiss any remaining shred of professional dignity goodbye.

1) Visit World on My Shoulders, scroll down and on the right/bottom you will see the DONATE button. Make a $5 donation or higher, and you have placed a bet!
2) Your donation is tax deductible, when you receive your receipt, forward it to and in the body of the email, tell us which mom/horse you are betting on.
3) you will be entered into our drawing for a special prize if your mom/horse wins! 
4) Can you bet on more than one horse! Abso-frickin-lutely! Simply make your donation in multiples of $5 and indicate your votes in your email. For example, donate $100 and email us saying "all 20 bets on Stephanie Daniel because she is simply gorgeous." (feel free to copy/paste), or even mix up those 20 among the other mom/horses.

1) Top Prize is $250 to
2) Second Prize is ALL of the merchandise (washed of course-eek!) that we will be wearing for the event. Includes 5 adult bumblito headbands, 5 Tula Swaddles, one XOXO Baby Carrier, total value $260!
3) Third Prize is $50 of Re-Play dishware of your choice!

Stephanie Daniel - Owner of Abby's Lane. Fiercely competitive and is convinced that a win means that George Clooney might finally answer those emails. Especially if tequila is involved.

Susan Lang Messing- Social Media Admin Extraordinaire. Susan is as graceful as an ox and plans on doing whatever it takes, including knocking down the competition in an effort to continue her quest to #DonateForever. 

Nicole Zezzo- Store Manager and Travel Liason. Nicole, while not an actual horse, is fond of apples and pony tails. She's got a take no prisoners attitude when it comes to supporting charity and is prepared to clop all over the competition.

Rachael Dailey- Store Manager and Inventory Control. Rachael feels that growing up in a farm town and spending her teen years volunteering in a stable has well prepared her for her grand challenge. She is ready to gallop her way to victory for an amazing cause.

Thank you to the following companies for their donations to WOMS in exchange for us incorporating their merchandise is embarrassing and possibly even inappropriate ways in our event.

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