Constructive Eating Plates, Utensil Sets and Totes -- Sold Separately

Constructive Eating Plates, Utensil Sets and Totes -- Sold Separately

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Engineering Fun From The Beginning

Products sold separately~

Constructive Eating began when one of the founders' children fell in love with construction equipment at a young age. The stage knew no boundaries. Anything and everything became focused on construction. The family room became home to road graders, dump trucks and tower cranes. The bedroom was decorated with construction themed carpets, shirts and sheets. Before long, their child was asking to put Cheerios on the floor to act as rubble for his bulldozer. This made them ponder… What if breakfast, lunch and dinner could become "rubble?" What if forks, spoons and pushers were the "machines?" Carter and Jackie Malcolm put on their entrepreneurial hardhats, designed the fleet of Construction Utensils and began Constructive Eating.

Proudly Manufactured in the Midwest

Whenever possible, Constructive Eating strives to make our products in the United States. All of our utensils, plates and placemats are manufactured in Illinois and Michigan. Since our utensils and plates are involved with aspects that are very important to parents, (such as "young children," "mouths," and "food") we like the additional control and safety assurances that our USA manufacturers provide to us. Additionally, we like supporting the economies in the Midwestern states.

Manufacturing fabric elements in the United States is currently very difficult. Our plush and transforming lunch totes are made in China. However, we have great vendors with whom we work in the United States who manage and oversee the operations overseas.

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