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(fine print: free items may not be exchanged or returned for cash value, "what you see is what you get", additionally, if you forget to type in your special entries in your order notes we cannot add it after the fact, so do remember to type in the directions below at the time you order. All promotions run on EST time zone)

MONDAYS are now #FreeTheMondays! Having the reputation of the most despised day of the week, we want to boost the image of "Mondays" by giving three random orders a FULL refund of up to $150. Simply type in "Free Monday" in the order comments, and by golly, it just may happen.

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On any order placed on Saturday, type in "Supplies!" in your order comments (not the apply coupon box or gift note section), we will send random winners a gift voucher attached to a random office supply.

In your order comments, type in "For FUN, I would love to have a......" and let us know what item under $20 you would love. You may be one of FIVE orders that received a $20 gift certificate the next day!
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Best Bottoms and Planet Wise:
Short Circuit arrived in August 2016:

in the summer of 2014 we brought you Cousteau:

Fall of 2014 brought Toothy:

in February 2015, Honu:

August of 2015 brought "Honu 2" in both cotton and linen blends:

February of 2016 brought Ocean Song:

In Cloth Diapers, November of 2014 brought Bumgenius "Harper" to us:

In April of 2015 we welcomed Rainbow Love:

September of 2015 brought Moon Fairy:

October of 2015 brought Spooky, Spooky:
spooky 2.jpg

December of 2015 brought Gnome Sweet Gnome:

March of 2016 brought "Dreams" to benefit Shared Hope Intl:

April brought "Thoroughgood" to benefit Lifesavers Horse Rescue:

May of 2016 brought Whale Tale, to benefit the Clearwater Marine Aquarium:

Muchness came in May, to benefit Rescue.Org

May of 2015 brought Honu and Raine in several styles:

November of 2015 introduced Strut and Serenity:

February 2016 brought Sophie:
March of 2016 saw "Starstruck"
May of 2016 brought Gnome Place Like Home:

Girasol Exclusives:

Spring/Summer of 2014 brought "Sebastian"

In the fall of 2014, his big sister "Lulu":

April of 2015 saw "Violet":

June of 2015 met "Dax":

In August of 2015, big brother "Hunter";

March of 2016 met Lulu2:

In April of 2014, we brought you "Oliver":

In May of 2014, we brought you "The Crabby Abby"

Early June brought you "S'mores:

Late June brought "The Secret Garden" below:

Mid-July brought Keeghan's Sky, below:

Late July brought "Jax":

Late July also brought "Paige":

Late August brought more Keeghan's Sky, and the premiere of Keeghan's Storm (Storm was also stocked in December):

September brought "Hero", with proceeds donated to www.RuckaByeBaby.com

October brought "Aurora"

November brought "Camille"

November also brought Abby Chic

January of 2015 brought Allister, proceeds benefited Giving Diapers, Giving Hope

February brought one more release of "Crabby Abby", as well as "Carley", benefiting the Carrying On Project:

March/April brought "Beaker", benefiting Lift Me Up, Babywearing to Thrive:

And Trig:

Late April brought Star Struck, benefiting RuckAByeBaby

May of 2015 brought "Dorothy", to benefit Ruckabye Baby

In May 2015 we released "Lucy's Garden to benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital:

Early June 2015 brought First Flight, to benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital:

June of 2015 brought Charming below, to benefit Second Harvest Food Bank:

"Stellar" below, in July of 2015 to benefit Second Harvest:

:Can You Dig It? in July of 2015, to benefit Special Olympics:

August of 2015 saw "Heartland" to benefit Special Olympics:

September of 2015 brought "I Heart You" to benefit the Ronald McDonald House Charities:

October of 2015 brought "Bella" to benefit Shelterbox.org:

bella 2.jpg

November met "Aria", benefiting Shelterbox:

"Derby" arrived in November of 2015 to benefit Shelterbox:

December of 2015 saw "Rodeo", to benefit Shelterbox.org

December also saw "High Score" to benefit Shelterbox:

January of 2016 saw Trig Squared to benefit Shelterbox:

February of 2016 saw "Sophie" to benefit Shared Hope, International:

Starstruck came back in March to benefit the Carrying On Project:

May brought Gnome Place Like Home to benefit American Refugee Committee:

May brought "Finn", to benefit the Flint Clean Water effort:

June of 2016 brought "Sorcery" to benefit Prevent Child Abuse of America:

July of 2016 saw "Coast Stellar":

And Warrior, to benefit St. Jude's:

Exclusive covers! April of 2015 saw Star Struck:

And also "Dorothy":

Ananas in Tangerine, Tart and Tropical in July of 2015:

Ananas Twilight was stocked exclusively through our store in September of 2015:


Galactic was released in March 2016:

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