Kinderpack Size Toddler, Plus Straps

Kinderpack Size Toddler, Plus Straps

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Kinderpacks come in 4 sizes- infant, standard, toddler, and preschool

  • Infant is suitable for up to 2 yrs: 8-35 lbs/ 22? and up
  • Standard is suitable for 8 mos-3yrs/ 20lbs-40 lbs/ 30? and up
  • Toddler is suitable for 18 mos-4 yrs/ 25 lbs-45lbs/ 32? and up
  • Preschool is suitable for 3-5yrs/ 35lbs-55lbs/ 38? and up

*All weights are suggested weights and may vary depending on each child. Suggested weights are based on appropriate proportions for the body panel size. Each Kinderpack can safely hold higher weight limits than what is suggested, but comfort may be compromised. Don't be lured by other carriers reporting higher weight limits with smaller body panel sizes. Weight limit is not the same as suggested weight.

2 strap length sizes are available for the parent's comfort -

There is much overlap within the sizes. When determining which size to purchase, always size down if your child is on the lower end of a size.  It is important that your child at least meets the recommended height AND weight for the size before using it.  It is very tempting to size up, like you would normally do with baby clothing. Please resist the urge to do so. A well fitting carrier is comfortable for you and baby. An ill fitting carrier is very uncomfortable for you both, and can be dangerous to your baby.  Think it terms of car seats.  It would not be appropriate to buy a car seat that is too large for your child to grow into- it's the same with baby carriers.

These are not hard and fast rules, of course. You need to take into consideration your child and what your child likes. Does your child fall within the lower range on the toddler size, but like to ride arms out?? Then you probably want the standard. Is your child still under a year? Then the infant size is for you. Do you want a carrier to keep, AND your child is at least 20 lbs? Then a standard may be good for you.


Spot wash when appropriate. When machine washing, wash with a load of towels.  Always set washer to the largest load size for extra water to dilute darker dyes. Do not dilute detergent.  Do not use non-premium detergents, or soap.  In particular, do not use "Ecos" brand detergent.  Tide is best. No bleach. Tumble dry, low temp, until damp.

On occasion, bleeding may occur, even if washing instructions were followed.  Please inspect carrier for bleeding BEFORE putting in the dryer.  Do not place in dryer if bleeding occurs.  Stain treat the spots with Oxiclean spray or Zout, and re-wash.  This will usually take care of it.

No warranty claims will be honored for damage done during washing, due to varied detergents, washing machines, and washing methods.

*Note that we no longer recommend using Shout Color Catchers*



Koolnit is a technical mesh fabric that is designed to keep baby cooler. Keep in mind that any carrier is going to be hot in really hot weather, but Koolnit will allow air flow to baby to help in moderately hot weather. Our Koolnit Kinderpacks can be used all year long, but really shine in warmer months. Koolnit is a non stretch small holed medium weight mesh. It is very similar to the mesh that is used on running shoes and mesh caps.

Yes! We are tested to the current US government standards, per the CPSA, CPSIA, and ASTM.  We meet and exceed all standards set forth for infant and child safety, when used according to instructions.  This means that you can know that your Kinderpack is a high quality, safe product for your baby!  We are also proud members of the BCIA, a professional organization of baby carrier manufacturers and retailers, who keep us informed of all new and upcoming compliance issues.  Feel free to ask more questions via email if you need more information.

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