Osocozy Unbleached Indian Prefolds

Osocozy Unbleached Indian Prefolds

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Osocozy Indian Unbleached Prefolds

Pure 100% Indian cotton, unbleached twill weave prefold diapers. These diapers are incredibly soft and absorbent and become softer with every wash. Wash these diapers a few times in hot water and they will fluff up beautifully! Because they are unbleached they have a natural ivory cotton color to them. As with all prefolds these will shrink 5-10%.

Size Layering Dimensions Fits
Preemie 2x6x2 9.5x13 3-10 lbs.
Infant 4x8x4 12 x 16 up to 15 lbs.
Regular 4x6x4 14.5 x 21 12-30 lbs.
Premium Short 4x8x4  14.5 x 16 15-30 pounds
Premium 4x8x4 14.5x22 15-30 lbs.
Toddler 4x8x4 17.5x23 30-45 lbs.

These are softer than Chinese prefolds, and need less pre-washes to "break them in". All prefolds are finished with white stitching.

 NEW! "Short" Prefolds, AKA "Better Fit"

We are proud to carry the new Better Fit Size, we call them "Premium Short" prefolds. These are the same width as premium prefolds, but 5 inches shorter, for easier trifolding in covers:

Prepped, the premium shorts wash up to 12 inches wide and 13 inches long

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