Planet Wise Wet Bags - Small

Planet Wise Wet Bags - Small

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Available in 3 Sizes

Small 8"x10" and holds approx. 1-2 cloth diapers

Medium 13"x16" and holds approx. 8-9 cloth diapers

Large 18"x21" and holds approx. 16-17 cloth diapers


Jelly Jubilee below:

 Pit Stop below ( 2-sided):

Party Marty, Night Flight below (2 sided):

Aim, Quill above
Overboard, Sly above
 Just Keep Swimming above

Jewel Woods, Peacock Plumage above

Vintage Vineyard, Grey Chevron above
Camo, Teal Chevron above
Toadstools above
 Blue Hawaiian, Flutter above

Coral Sunset, Monster Mash above
 Laughing Leaf above


Fun Monkeys, Butterflies above


Carnival Skulls, Funky Flowers above


Blue Recycle above


Lime Somersaults, Orange Woods


 Organic Navy Circuits, Peace on Earth


Spring Dots


Think Peace, Owls above


Daisy Dream Aqua Swirl Art Deco Outer Space
Geometric Studio Green Meadow Fiesta
Midnight Curl Lime Cocoa Bean River Rock Meadow Tweet
Silver Scroll Bumble Dot 2 sided Piccolo Dot

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