All of the prefolds we carry have tremendous reviews and we love the performance! Indian prefolds are made in Pakistan with Indian Cotton, and Babykicks Hemp/Fleece prefolds are terrific for very high absorbancy needs.

Indian prefolds take about 2-3 washes to break down the natural oils for full absorbancy  and Babykicks hemp/fleece roughly 3-4. Subsequent washes will bring more absorbancy.

To "break in" prefolds, wash on hot and then dry on hot fully for a "cycle".  Prefolds arrive larger than they will be in use, they will shrink down to their appropriate size after "breaking in" and will not shrink further after that process is complete.

For prefold folding tips, click here

Flats are large squares of fabric, made of 100% Birdseye cotton, versatle for folding, easy to launder, and durable

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