Smart Bottoms Wayfarer Collection

Smart Bottoms Wayfarer Collection

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Introducing an amazing NEW product by Smart Bottoms, exclusively at Abby's Lane!

~Stocking Tuesday, 8/29, at 12 noon EDT~
The Wayfarer is a NEW and unique bag, lined with PUL for wetness protection, zipper closure, a HUGE capacity, removable straps and industrial hardware.
This bag holds everything you need and then some, for running errands, traveling, play dates, outdoor excursions, or simply masking the box of Oreos you desperately want to eat in peace alone in your bedroom closet.

Strap on smallest setting
Strap on largest setting:
Incredible depth to the bag!
a 3.1 fully expanded stands easily~
-HUGE capacity, holds 10-12 diapers, or ANY size baby carrier, woven or ring sling plus plenty of room for other items. Stash your wallet, keys, water bottle, snacks, 1-2 diapers, wipes, and still not have it overloaded. 
-Can be worn crossbody, over the shoulder, on your back, hip or front
-Hardware that will withstand your busy life, with a fully removable strap, and even used on other bags!
-Poly canvas outer means no fading, no staining, easy washing
-PUL lining means no leaking, if bag remains upright
-Equipped with an adjustable strap (15-32 inches!) that only adjusts when you want it to. And why is that important? Because it will absolutely not slip or lengthen unless you adjust it, so you never have to live in fear that your child will use the bag as a rope swing while hunkering down to the floor for a threenager tantrum in the middle of Target, where other bags and their slippery straps would then tighten around your chest much like a Boa Constrictor, when you realize you didn't put a bra on this morning and now your straight jacket bag and strap have left you with two VERY perky gals staring down the 15 year old down the aisle who is just trying to make sure all of the Chips Ahoy boxes are priced the same.....Anyway...

<3 To celebrate this new bag creation, we are also stocking three sizes of wet bags in matching prints to accompany the Wayfarer, also stocking at the same time in this link <3

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