Training Pants

What's the scoop on cloth trainers?

We have some info with our thoughts on trainers here.  In short, trainers are not meant to motivate your child to potty train.

The Imse Vimse Trainers and Blueberry Trainers are for children who have begun the potty training process, and need a slight reminder of wetness to stop the flow of urination, and get to the potty to finish. If the child completes a full urination, the trainer will be at capacity. For children who do not mind the feeling of wetness, or who sleep soundly through urination, trainers will leak and not function properly.

The GroVia Trainers have removable elasticized side panels that make it possible for you to either remove the trainer completely or allow the child the ability to pull them up and down easily.  Soft interior, comfortable design and a pocket opening are just a few of the GroVia Trainers features.

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