Cloth Diaper Covers/ Sets

Diaper Covers at the modern version of those plastic pants from the old days. They're a waterproof and stylish cover for the cloth diaper of your choice. Today's waterproof diaper covers come in different sizes, different closures and even one size options. They keep messes inside the diaper where they belong while also providing a comfortable fit.

Cloth Diaper Covers are also one of the most economical cloth diapering options. A huge benefit to using cloth diaper covers is that you don't necessarily have to change the cover at each diaper change. You can replace the soiled prefold cloth diaper, fitted cloth diaper, flat cloth diaper or cloth diaper inserts with a fresh one and as long as the cover didn't get soiled you can reuse it again and again until you feel it needs a washing.

Another perk is that cloth diaper covers are easy to launder. They come out of the wash practically dry and after a little hang on the clothesline or on your drying rack you'll be good to go. If you have enough covers to use you shouldn't need to have to dry them in the clothes dryer which would cost money and increase the wear and tear.

Cloth Diaper Covers make sense and every cloth diapering family should have some.