Girasol Rental Program

Thank you for considering Abby's Lane for your Girasol Rental program needs!

Here is how our program works:

-We have a wrap in size 4.6 available to "rent" for 30 days. We choose the print, you will checkout on our website when your turn is up for your Girasol. Payment is due in full at the retail price of the wrap at the time of checkout, and your credit card will be charged/paypal account debited at checkout.

-If the wrap is on rental, we will place your name on a short wait list, if we see the wait list becoming lengthy we will add a second wrap to our program.

-You may keep your Girasol for 30 days from the time of receipt, wash it, use it, wear it. It may be washed on warm and machine dried, please take care to prevent staining, and around pets.

-If you decide to return your Girasol rental wrap, it must be postmarked within a 30 day window of your receipt at checkout. We advise insuring your wrap against loss or damage, delivery confirmation is not insurance, and does not secure your refund if the package is lost. If the package does not reach us, no refund will be issued, again please insure your package, delivery confirmation is not insurance.

-If your package is received within that window, postmarked within 30 days of receipt, you will receive a full refund if your Girasol is returned in the condition it was sent out. If it is ripped or damaged, 85% of the original purchase price may be withheld for a replacement wrap to be purchased. You are responsible for shipping and insurance charges to ship the wrap back to us.

-If your wrap does not reach us postmarked within 30 days of receipt, you will not receive a refund for your wrap. It will be sent back to you, and your payment will not be refunded. Please note the timeframe on this, there will be no exceptions to this policy.