Aden and Anais Soothing Ointment

Aden and Anais Soothing Ointment

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Infused with fresh fermented pawpaw fruit, our nourishing, naturally-derived ointment relieves, protects and cleanses skin when applied topically.

Works wonders as a diaper ointment and helps heal:

      + chapped lips

      + cracked or chafed skin

      + wind burn

Available in a 3oz tube to throw in the diaper bag.

  • multi-purpose: a staple for both baby and you
  • naturally derived: formulated with a leading New York dermatologist, Ellen Gendler M.D.
  • key ingredients: fresh fermented pawpaw fruit with a light vanilla scent
  • directions: apply topically to required area. Not for internal use.
  • free of: phytoestrogen, parabens, petroleum oils, phthalates, gluten and soy.


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