BabyKicks One Size Joey Bunz Insert

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BabyKicks Hemparoo® OneSize Joey-Bunz Pouch riders for your Pocket Diapers! These are six layers of absorbent natural hemp/certified organic cotton jersey that are only 1/8 of an inch thick and designed to be trim, absorbent and easy to use. Use one Joey-Bunz for daytime, two for nights, or three for a super-soaker and still have a trim fit. Gently contoured to be comfortable for baby.

Joey-Bunz also make GREAT doublers or use them by themselves in a snug fitting wrap. Joey-Bunz are better than inserts made from man-made micro fibers because hemp is a natural product, grown without pesticides and not bleached, which is very harmful to the environment. Hemp also protects your baby because it is naturally anti-microbial.


Dimensions are as follows:
  16” long, 4” wide


Please note that these are pre-washed measurements and you can expect some shrinking. Also, dimensions may vary slightly since all our products are sewn individually.

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