Babywearing Rental Program

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Thank you for considering Abby's Lane for your Babywearing needs!


Here is how our program works:

1) In our drop down menu, we will have the carriers available for immediate shipping. If the carrier you want is not listed, the list below will show an ETA for when it will be restocked.
We cannot hold baby carriers for you in this program, if we see a demand for specific ones, we will add more to the rental program as needed to avoid prolonged wait times

2) You will pay full price for your carrier, and payment will be collected at checkout. You then have 45 days from the date this carrier is ordered (not received), to use and wear your carrier, and also mail it back to us. Please allow for several days to ship it back, if it goes beyond 45 days we cannot guarantee a refund will be given. Your newsletter code does not apply and this purchase does not earn reward points.

3) You are responsible for watching your timeline, we will only contact you if the 45 day window has passed

4) Please email us at for your return form prior to shipping the carrier back, this must be included with the carrier.
5) You are responsible for the cost of shipping the carrier back. I advise adding tracking and insurance, if we do not receive the carrier we cannot issue a refund.

6) Once the carrier is received, we will issue a full refund of your original purchase price, if the following conditions are met:
a) carrier is in the same condition as when it left. This means no stains, no holes, rips or abuse. We will inspect carriers prior to shipment and will note any flaws or damage before sending it to you

b) carrier must contain all pieces, which will include any hoods, straps, buckles, etc...

If those two conditions are not met, we will deduct the appropriate amount from your refund to either fix or replace the carrier.

By purchasing, you agree to these rules and conditions~


Soft Structured Carriers:
Beco Gemini in Grey
Boba 4.0 in Dusk
Boba Air in White
Lenny Lamb Baby size in Zigzag Purple and Turquoise
Lenny Lamb Toddler size in Lime Khaki
Emeibaby Toddler size in Full Saism

Beco in size medium, Cloud color
Maya Wrap in medium, Bright Stripes
Zolowear medium, Midnight color
Kokadi, Lina in Magicland
Lenny Lamb Rainbow in Pepitka
Tula in size small/medium, Aurora Newton

Boba stretch in Orange
Tula 4.6, 100% cotton, Ananas Tangerine
Pellicano 4.2m, Naval Scarlet
Natibaby 4.6m, Linen Blend, Ocean Song
Kokadi 4.6m, Love Angel
Lenny Lamb small, Stars in Red and Grey
Girasol 4.6m, #26
XOXO Buckle Wrap Baby Carrier


Beco Gemini Grey:

Boba in Dusk:

Boba Air in White:

Lenny Lamb Purple and Turquoise Zigzag:


Lenny Lamb in Lime Khaki:


Emeibaby Saism:




Beco Ring Sling Cloud:

Maya Wrap Bright Stripes:


Zolowear Midnight:


Lenny Lamb Rainbow Pepitka:


Tula Aurora Newton:

Lina in Magicland:

Boba Stretch in Orange:

Tula Ananas Tangerine:

Pellicano Naval Scarlet:


Natibaby Ocean Song:

Kokadi Love Angel:

Lenny Lamb Stars red and grey:

Girasol #25:

XOXO Buckle Wrap Baby Carrier Grayscale:

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