Berry Carriers - Doll Carriers

Berry Carriers - Doll Carriers

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Adorable baby doll carriers made in the USA by Blueberry Diapers! Let your little ones match your exclusive Tula from Abby's Lane, or start their own collection of fashionable ways to transport their favorite toys~

Miss Lilly on the left is 4 years old, Miss Camille is 9 :)

-Baby Doll Carriers will fit tiny dolls through larger "American Girl" style dolls

-Measurement of front cotton panel is 9.5 inches tall, 9 inches wide

-Back features two simple buckles, no tying or complicated closure features

-Seat darts in the front resembles popular baby carriers on the market for a close match to "adult" baby carriers~

This is intended only for carrying toys, please always supervise your child while in use

Care instructions: Wash on warm with mild detergent, air dry


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