Berry Hoods - Hoodie Hoods with Reach Straps

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Compatible with Tula Baby Carrier front panel snaps, these adorable hoods feature:

-Elastic adjusters attached to reach straps, which will securely fit infants through toddlers

-Reach Straps that are a safety-approved 8.25 inches, to reduce any strangulation hazards

-Soft cotton canvas against baby's head, with a cute cotton print outside

-Made in the USA

Wash on warm with mild soap, medium heat to dry

When the hood is not engaged it will lay like this, where you can grab the reach straps to pull it over your child's head:

You can then let the hood relax over their head, or attach the elastic bungee cords to the Tula's hood clips, to engage it securely like so:


Sorcery below:

Carley below:

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