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Introducing Teething pads by Blueberry Diapers, made in the USA and compatible with many styles of baby carriers. Teething pads clip onto shoulder straps where little ones like to suck and chew, leaving a much easier item to wash than the entire carrier. Keep your straps looking like new!

-Teething pads feature snap closure, prevents baby from being scratched by velcro

-Pads feature two layers of matching cotton print, and an inner layer of organic cotton muslin for absorbency

-Washings will fluff up the cotton muslin, allowing them to keep their shape after many uses

-A curved edge allows front panel protection from little chewers

-Pads measure 8 inches from top to bottom

Below are two pictures, one to show the teething pads on and where they fit, the flip side will show snap closure:

Snap closure:



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