Blueberry Hanging Pail Liners

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Clearly one of the most versatile diaper pail/pail liners currently available.  The only one of its kind made with an elasticord that makes it possible to use it both as a tote bag and a diaper pail with an elasticized opening.  Measures 27" wide x 30" tall with an 8" gusset. 

On laundry day, close the bag and your diaper pail   turns into a portable tote bag!

Use it as a hanging diaper pail or laundry bag...

Or use it as a diaper pail liner.  Simply close the bag halfway through, slip it into your diaper pail and stretch the opening over the lip of the pail/trash can.  The elasticord will keep the edge of the bag securely in place.


Drawstring closure, PUL liners for waterproof containment


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