Camille's Clay Cuddlers



Polymer Clay figurines made in a custom way for you!
My ten year old daughter, Camille, loves to make babywearing figurines out of polymer clay <3
She would like to make them for you, and has a variety of choices to offer. Items will ship within 3-5 business days from ordering.
Items are considered a decorative piece, and won't be sturdy enough for a child to play with.
Figurines measure 3-4 inches high
If you would like to email us a picture for inspiration, please do so at, and include your order number so she can work with it :)
Hair color for mom and hair highlight colors:
 Black, White, Grey, Yellow, Brown, Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, White, Pink
Skin Color for mom and baby (can select different ones):
Brown, Light Brown, White, Tan, Black
Hair Style for caregiver:
Bun, Down Straight, Down Wavy, Ponytail, Braid, Side Ponytail, Pig Tails, Pigtail Braids
Hair Length:
Short, Shoulders, Medium Length, Long Length, can be curly, straight or a braid
Baby Carrier Colors and Design, entire rainbow available, please be specific with design features
You can also choose to have baby held with a colorful diaper on the bottom (no carrier), as well as a woven wrap around the baby, too~
Tandem wearing:
Back view:
Front view:
Back Carry option:

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