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PLEASE NOTE: When using as a car seat cover, always keep baby visible without covering the front, and do not use while car seat is in vehicle in use
Q: What is the difference between Covered Goods™ and other nursing covers?
A: Covered Goods™ nursing covers provide true all over coverage front and back. While most competitors only cover your front and sides, you will have no fear of being exposed with your Covered Goods™ nursing cover! Our covers are multi-use; they can be used as a car seat cover, shopping cart barrier and a scarf! Covered Goods does not have any straps or rings to complicate putting on or taking off your cover. The comfortable, stretchy material will allow movement and provide access at all times to peek in on your little one when you please. The flexible neck doesn’t remain open for passing observers to sneak a peek! The covers also fold up very small for storage without any special instruction or worry of ruining them.
Q: Where are Covered Goods manufactured?
A: Covered Goods™ multi-use nursing covers are hand cut and hand sewn locally in the Los Angeles area to help support our economy and to ensure a quality product. 

Q: What size is the nursing cover?
A: One size fits most. Our covers are 64" in circumference at the bottom with a contoured neck line. The measurements do not account for stretch.

Q: What are Covered Goods made of?
A: Our fabric is special order from the mill, and is a high quality rayon spandex blend. Our covers are so soft and lightweight, yet not see through, with the perfect amount of stretch.

Q: How do I wash my cover?
A: The care instructions are to machine wash cold and tumble dry on low heat. Although with any garment, hang drying will keep your product looking newer longer.

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