Girasol Ring Slings

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Length 2.0m Ring Slings, made in Guatemala 
Girasol ring slings

Ring slings are a wonderful alternative or addition to other baby carriers – they're surprisingly versatile and may be used from birth.

The simple but amazing mechanical application of two rings means that ring slings are quick and safe to use. The correct slightly squatting position with the legs spread apart for encouraging optimum hip growth may be very easily achieved with ring slings. Ring slings may be used from birth and are often the perfect start for all who want an uncomplicated introduction to baby carriers.

They're great everywhere babies need to be quickly "popped in and out": shopping, housework, short distances with tired toddlers, easy stair climbing, breast feeding, rocking babies to sleep ... and thanks to its small folded size, it will practically fit in any handbag.

Longer distances may also be covered with very small babies, but one-sided carrying will over time become a little more tiring with heavier children. But they can still be a great help even with toddlers: "I want to be carried!" – a situation that's much easier to handle with ring slings.

Girasol's ring slings are available in two lengths and made, gathered and sewn from the Girasol baby carriers that are woven with the tried-and-tested transposed or diamond twill binding and quality aluminium rings specially manufactured by

And they may be washed like our other baby carriers at 60°C, but we do recommend that the rings be tied together and secured in a little washing net or bag during washing to protect the machine.

+ May be used from newborn to toddler

+ The ideal carrier for quick and easy use in-between

+ Quick and easy to put on

+ Great for in the home and for shopping

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