I Heart You, Too Collection

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Thursday, October 13, this link will contain all of your "I Heart You, Too" items <3
At 8 pm EST, we will stock our exclusive Tulas 
$169/$189 for Standard/Toddler
At 9 pm EST the rest will be stocked:
Smartbottoms Snuggle Blankets 47 x 47, $69.99
Smartbottoms Cuddle Blankets 60 x 72, $109.99
Smartbottoms diapers:
3.1 AIO $30
Born Smart newborn AIO $19
One Size Cover $23
On The Go Wet Bag (16 x 11 inches) $19
Medium Wet Bag (8 x 11 inches) $13
11 inch $30
12 inch $32
13 inch $32
Adult size 18 inch $58
Chompy Chic Teether $22
At the end of October, we will be stocking matching Teething Pads, Doll Carriers, and Haversacks. Date and time TBA soon!
Smartbottoms Blankets are double sided, printed on an organic cotton/polyester blend. Resistant to fading and staining, these blankets will fluff up on the first wash to an amazingly soft and warm blanket. One size for children, one size for adults, these blankets are thick and intended for warmth and weight~
We recently did a great Facebook Live video in our pinned post here that shows the entire collection!
Cuddle Blanket:
Snuggle Blanket: