Milovia One Size Pocket Diapers Microfleece or Coolmax

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Available in either Microfleece or Coolmax, scroll down to see full descriptions and diagrams



The Milovia cloth diapers is a very practical, comfortable and charming way of natural diapering for every child. Neatly designed cut of ONE SIZE pocket nappy (regulated 3.5-16 kg / 8-35 lbs - for the entire nappy change period), carefully chosen fabrics and the outstanding design, make it a nappy that brings joy both to the parents and the children.

Made entirely of Polish fabrics, which are produced from the very start of their making, with children in mind. The outer fabric is the waterproof, vapour-permeable PUL fabric. Thanks to this layer, that clothes stay dry and baby's skin is less likely to suffer from a nappy rash. The inner fabric is either microfleece, or Coolmax - highest quality fabrics. Microfleece provides the maximum of dryness, dries quickly and is resistant to stains, while Coolmax gently "informs" the child about wetting, providing maximum air circullation and serving well throughout the entire nappy change period with its durability.

The sizing of nappies is done by durable, generously placed snaps. Thanks to those, the nappy is quickly and properly regulated. They do not cause the effect of a large bum.

The ellastic bands around legs are placed and sealed in gussets, they are delicate and do not leave marks on baby's skin. Wider, flat elastic band in the back allows good fit and shapes up the nappy.

The Milovia absorbent pocket inserts are very absorbent and dries quickly. We recommend using the S and M inserts. For babies above one year also the L.

Each pocket nappy is provided with a label containing clear set of instructions of use, wash and its contents. The Milovia products are to be washed at the temperature of 40-60 C degrees.

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