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Do you have a social media reveal for your newest little one?
A baby shower where you want to make a very special announcement?
Out of town relatives where a Facetime video may be the most special way to share the news?

Let us help!
Abby's Lane is very excited to announce "Reveal", a product where we get to share in your very special day.

-Purchase "Reveal" above, for a flat fee of $5.75
-Purchase items you LOVE, it can be anything! Get creative, it can be diapers, blankets, toys. The actual print or color doesn't matter, because WE are picking the color/print that we send to match your results you send in :)
-Rachael (her email is will be in touch within 24 hours to ask how you wish to submit your sonogram or sex-of-your-baby results. Most doctors will not email or mail them to us, so you may need to mail it yourself, or have a friend or relative do this part so you can keep it a secret ;)
-As soon as we receive the results, within 1-2 business days you will receive your tracking information on your package!
-Your package will contain:
1) the items that you paid for in colors designed to be indicative of the sex of your baby. Pink/Purple for girls, Blues for boys. If you want to use this program to reveal a pregnancy, but are keeping the sex of your baby a secret, let us know and we can just include green/yellow diapers and extras!
2) a little poem to read that also indicates the sex of your baby
All wrapped up in neutral colored tissue paper so the surprise is hidden until you unwrap it.
fine print:
-Please allow several business days to mail your results to us
-Transit to you depends on location and weight of your package, we ship quickly but the postal service takes it from there
-After your results are received and processed, they will be shredded in our office to prevent any sensitive information being placed in the trash.
-Please be aware that mail can get lost, if your results contain sensitive information, please consider having a friend scan/email it to us.

If you wish to return the entire package unopened, you may do so within 30 days, however a restocking fee of $6 will be withheld from your refund or store credit.

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