Zolowear Mesh Slings

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Beautiful, breathable, strong and fashionable jet black mesh sling paired with a Solstice pocket! 100% polyester mesh drys quickly and is very breathable.
Made with very strong HDPE plastic rings which are thicker than the aluminum rings normally used on ZoloWear slings. These rings ensure a solid grip on the mesh fabric.
Crafted with pride in Texas.

Includes FREE interactive instructional DVD.

  • Baby should ride as high and tight as possible to maximize the wearer's comfort. For this reason, it is imperative to get a good fit. Baby's bottom should be in the sling zone (see illustration at right).
  • ZoloWear slings are sized for adults. They are not women’s sizes, so an average sized woman may wear a small sling. Please use the chart and/or measure to determine your size. Do not use your preferred clothing size as a guide when choosing your sling, as clothing sizes vary among brands.
  • There is 3” difference between sling sizes. Pouches are available in 1" increments.
  • For more precise fitting slings and pouches, measure across the front of your body from the tip of your shoulder to the middle of your opposite mid-hip (in the sling zone.)
  • Use these tables to find your ZoloWear size:

How can I ensure my baby's safety in the sling? 

  • WARNING:  Positional asphyxia (suffocation) can occur in young babies. This can happen when a baby's chin is pressed against his or her chest, restricting airflow. Check to ensure that baby's airway is unobstructed and baby is breathing regularly at all times, especially when sleeping.
  • ZoloWear slings are built to last, but always check your sling or pouch for wear or damage before putting baby in the sling. If you find damage and wonder if you should use it, don't.
  • Read all of the enclosed instructions and watch the instructional videos before trying out your sling.
  • Slings are not approved safety seats. Do not wear your baby in a moving vehicle.
  • Use caution around mechanical equipment. The tail could get caught.
  • Fabric is not flame resistant. Do not wear the sling near open flames, including stoves. In general, never wear your baby while cooking or while carrying a hot beverage.
  • Never run, jog, bike or engage in vigorous activity with your baby in the sling.
  • Do not bend over while your baby is in the sling, as baby could fall out. Squat instead.
  • If baby resists being held in the sling, gently take baby out of the sling and try again later.
  • Do not leave the sling wrapped around an unattended baby.
  • Use caution while wearing baby in the water. Mesh slings are for showering and wading, not swimming.
  • Always use common sense caution when wearing your baby and don’t wear your baby in any situation that could be potentially harmful.
  • Contact us with any wearing questions or concerns.

Are there any general wearing tips for beginners? 

  • Try your sling on in front of a mirror.
  • Before putting baby in, adjust the main body of the sling so baby’s bottom will be in the sling zone.
  • When the fabric is twisted in the rings, it can be difficult to adjust. Spread fabric around the rings evenly. Leave the outside/top rail loose, with the edge isolated in the rings.
  • Tighten the outside/top rail only by pulling UP and OVER, not down.
  • Rings should end up in corsage position in the hollow under your shoulder. Start with rings high on your shoulder before you put baby in, as putting baby in often shifts the rings down.
  • Make sure the fabric is spread wide across your back.
  • ZoloWear slings are designed to cup your shoulder comfortably. Pull the shoulder folds out so the fabric cups your shoulder.

Having trouble?

  • Watch the videos.
  • Try a different position.
  • Take a break and try again later. Try when both you and baby are well-rested and fed. OK, as well-rested as you can get these days!
  • The baby sling is one of humankind’s oldest tools. Like millions of parents throughout history and all over the world, you can do this. Baby can sense parent's hesitance when first using the sling. Most babies who “hate the sling” actually love it (and fall fast asleep) when carried by an experienced babywearer. So keep practicing!
What if my baby is fussy?
  • Fussy baby? Get moving! Put the sling on and go for a walk, or vacuum or dust the house.
  • Try a different position. Some babies don't like the cradle hold, so try the tummy to tummy hold. A baby who can hold her head up might prefer to face out in the kangaroo hold (legs crossed). Move around until you're both comfortable.
  • Take a break and try again later. Try at times when both you and baby are well rested and fed. OK, as well rested as you can get these days! Keep trying!
  • Believe in yourself. Baby can often sense the parent's lack of confidence when first using the sling. Sometimes babies who “hate the sling” actually love it (and fall fast asleep)when carried by an experienced sling-user. So keep practicing!
My back is hurting. What should I do?
  • As long as baby is in proper position, the sling should not cause back pain. And it is certainly easier on your body than carrying a carseat around, or carrying baby in your arms.
  • Make sure the sling is on your shoulder and not in the crook of your neck.
  • Be sure the baby is at or above your waistline.
  • If your back continues to hurt, consider having a massage, or see your health care provider. Sometimes back pain while using the sling is more about your back than the sling.

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